The gallery at Artspace 506 opened in 2014.   Since opening the gallery has sponsored nine solo exhibitions and three annual Small Works shows featuring and awarding local artists.  (The links above in "archives" document these exhibits.)

Opening the gallery allowed the opportunity to mount quality exhibitions featuring artists whose work was intriguing, thoughtful and well executed and deserving of a venue for being seen.  Many artists who have exhibited at Artspace 506 have achieved considerable critical and institutional recognition.  The people in our local communities have been positively impacted by the presence of the gallery.

Artspace 506 and other galleries, like all small businesses, contend with economic realities every day and must make difficult decisions to continue to operate in the new economic climate.  The art market and art marketing is changing due to many factors.  With the rise of digital venues artists are increasingly self-marketing. Collectors peruse art on the web and are increasingly drawn to the large art fairs.  Viewers enjoy the shows but are unable to afford prices set by top artists.  Even in established art markets like New York or Los Angeles small galleries are facing these new realities. These realities have formed our decision to change how we will operate going forward.

Our gallery began as an idea to bring exceptional art to our area, nurture and promote artists, create a venue for all local artists to exhibit once a year, and curate fantastic shows that the community would enjoy.  We feel good about meeting those goals for the last three years.

Artspace 506 is not leaving or closing or going anywhere.  We remain committed to the arts in our community.  Our focus going forward will be on the production of works  - an active studio model.  Except for special shows or events we will be open by appointment only. 

As always, We will keep you posted about future events.